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KINDRED Collection

Tribal Textiles for the 21st Century

KINDRED marks a major departure for A Rum Fellow, moving from their hallmark woven fabrics to explore traditional print techniques including wood blocking, screen and etched rotary printing. Each of these methods bring a hand-crafted quality to the collection, freeing the designer to work in different ways.

Caroline Lindsell, co-founder of A Rum Fellow with partner Dylan O’Shea, designed Kindred in close collaboration with Tim Walters of George Spencer Designs. The collection offers five printed designs in co-ordinating colourways, with base cloths specially woven to bring texture and handle to the printed cotton and linen fabrics.

Inspired by A Rum Fellow’s work with artisan communities around the world, where textiles often embody local cultural traditions and folk tales, the Kindred collection is a playful and colourful expedition to create a spirited and inclusive new tribe.

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