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Alter Ego

With an air of mystery and mystique, the new Alter Ego collection of cut velvets from George Spencer Designs features two playfully paradoxical designs, punctuated with one regal stripe. The collection captures a metaphorical dance between two conflicting design personalities and draws on the notion of the hidden ‘other’.

Theatrical, versatile, and highly eclectic, the range has a quirky sense of life and personality that brings a touch of opulence and grandeur to interiors.

Taken from Gainsborough’s extensive archive, ‘Queen of Spades’ is a classic design, woven using traditional manufacturing methods, and is available in six signature George Spencer Designs’ colours.

Offering an entirely different decorative persona, ‘Chess’ is a contemporary, abstract design featuring a patchwork pattern of irregularly sized geometric shapes. The fabric is piece dyed, giving a reflective quality which when exposed to light, creates interesting colour variations from shape to shape.

Forming the foundation of the collection, ‘Hokey Cokey’ is a handsome stripe, which brings classic elegance to interiors and comes in eight colourways.

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