5 Questions with Todd Piercy from McLaurin & Piercy

George Spencer Designs is the home of many brands, for the London Design Week, we sit down with some of the founders and creative directors to talk about their new collections, story of their brands and where they would love to see their collections in.

Today, we meet Todd Piercy, co-founder of McLaurin & Piercy, the brand who embraces travel, nature, history and adventure in each of its designs and photographs.

1 • What makes a great interior?

We are partial to those interiors that tell a story and reflect the personality of the owner. For us, this means living with luxurious textures that have a relaxed feeling. We also like rooms that have prints and patterns with meaning. Our personal space has subtle prints. We live with textural stripes and patterns that feel old and collected. We think this brings a sense of history and purpose to an interior.

2 • What’s your favourite piece/design from your new collection?
Our new Theodore pattern. This was one of the first patterns we knew we wanted to weave. Originally we called this one American Paid as it set the foundation for our new collection and our rebranding which is rooted in classic American design.

3 • A fun fact or an anecdote to share about the brand?
We had just purchased LA Mills, a weaving mill in downtown Los Angeles, when COVID forced us to halt all production. We sat at our studio table and discussed what we wanted to create from the change we were about to face. The dreams we had before COVID, and the quiet we found ourselves in, allowed us the space to begin to formulate our ideas. We grew up as kids of the 80’s and summers were the most memorable. This carefree and relaxed spirit was completely innocent and void of any of today’s technologies or distractions. After feeling inspired by these discussions of our youth, we decided our new endeavour would be wholeheartedly American, both woven in America and inspired by American heritage. Eventually, we came to the conclusion we needed to rebrand the existing business, Clay McLaurin Studio, to McLaurin & Piercy.

4 • A dream place you would love to see your collection in?
Ralph Lauren’s house in Round Hill, near Montego Bay on the island of Jamaica.

5 • 3 words to describe your products.
Authentic, Heritage, Classic.

Discover McLaurin & Piercy at our London showroom, George Spencer Designs, Floor 3, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, SW10 0XE, London, UK.