5 Questions with Tim Walters from George Spencer Designs

London Design Week 22 approaches, a perfect moment to sit down with Tim Walters, Director of George Spencer Designs and talk about what makes a great interior, the best things about working in Design and where he would love to see his collections in.

1 • What makes a great interior?
It has to feel like a home but at the same time reflect the owner’s personality though colour choices, textures and art

2 • What’s your favourite piece/design from your new collection?
This is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child! Some of our recent designs have been block printed or screen printed, and from a previous collection, Snakes and ladders is an unusual mix of Epangle and Velvet, woven on old looms. I love the fact that we can still employ some these older techniques and skills from the past for our current and future designs, it helps give breadth to our overall collection.

3 • A fun fact or an anecdote to share about the brand?
have the best job! I get to work with a great team, great mills and indulge my love of colour and design. Plus get to travel (at last) to see customers in some of our overseas markets.

4 • A dream place you would love to see your collection in?
Really sad answer but my own home! Developing new fabrics while lovely is also a problem – there is always something better coming.

5 • 3 words to describe your products.
Pretty, smart, elegant.

Discover our new collections at the showroom, Floor 3, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, SW10 0XE, London, UK.