5 Questions with Katerina Tana

Today, we meet the Californian Interior Designer Katerina Tana. A sunny and joyful brand, where the chaparral meets the Pacific Ocean… Katerina creates woven and screen-printed linens with a delicate, ethereal beauty and an ecological ethos which guides her choices of textiles, dyes and artisan processes.

1 • What makes a great interior?
I have always felt that interiors should be the quintessential expression of whoever’s space it is, and at the same time be the space where they can evolve and grow, so that it isn’t stuck in time, but fluid, where there is room to embrace change and yet at it’s core there is an essence that always keeps it true and constant.

2 • What’s your favourite piece/design from your new collection?
I am partial to the solid linens, but love the splash of pattern and color that the Coralshades always provide, and am especially keen on the Coralshade in Hi Performance in Coral colorway, which has a great bite to it, and…….which is a recent addition if you don’t count the past 2 years! Along with the Anacapas for Hi Performance as well….

3 • A fun fact or an anecdote to share about the brand?
Katerina Tana Collection LOOM will have its 13th birthday this year!

4 • A dream place you would love to see your collection in?
On terra firma I think it would fit in beautifully at Hotel du Cap, and at sea on the royal yacht BRITANNIA.

5 • 3 words to describe your products.
Breath of fresh air……I know that’s 4 words! but it’s true, even after 13 years.

Discover Katerina Tana at our London showroom, George Spencer Designs, Floor 3, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, SW10 0XE, London, UK.