5 Questions with Karen Robert from Aux Abris

Today, we sit down with Karen Robert to learn more about Aux Abris’ little secrets, collections and how she decorated her ideal home…

1 • What makes a great interior?
My decorating style tends to be quite dense. I like multiple layers, colors and textures. And of course I like wallpaper as the final back texture. I like being in a room where the eye needs time to travel around for a while and catch all of the fun places to rest.

2 • What’s your favourite piece/design from your new collection?
My favorite design in this collection is “Jungle Fever” it encompasses a need I had for positivity after the difficult few years we have all had.  The design depicts a snow leopard, prancing and looking up to the sky with a slight grin on his face, you get the feeling he is looking forward to a bright and  happy future.

3 • A fun fact or an anecdote to share about the brand?
I design everything by myself and this one is no exception. I designed all of these wallpapers in 4 weeks while mostly at my house in Shelter Island  in quarantine. I actually loved this period of time, since designing is my bliss and I had no distractions. So I think this came across in my collection,  I was drawn to designing playful optimistic prints with animals, mythical creatures and lighthearted motifs.. and I was drawn to bright colors in curious combinations and played with deep jades and moss greens, warm and toasty spice tones and moody purples, mauves and nightshades.

4 • A dream place you would love to see your collection in?
I am designing a family vacation house in Shelter Island and it will have lots of old wooden beams, panelling painted deep rich colors and, of course, my wallpaper in every room. So I guess that is my ideal home. I can’t wait to finally see it come to fruition.

5 • 3 words to describe your products.
Textured, complex, bold.

Discover Aux Abris at our London showroom, George Spencer Designs, Floor 3, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, SW10 0XE, London, UK.