5 Questions with Clément Naudy from Inata

George Spencer Designs is the home of many brands, for the London Design Week, we sit down with some of the founders and creative directors to talk about their new collections, story of their brands and where they would love to see their collections in.

Today, we meet Clément Naudy, founder of Inata, the beloved brand specialises in textiles woven from the finest alpaca fibres.

1 • What makes a great interior?

An interior worked with simplicity, highlighting beautiful materials and human know-how.

2 • What’s your favourite piece/design from your new collection?
At Inata, we are particularly attached to the finishes we offer for our bespoke throws. After the selection of the fabric and the design, it is the final touch that brings all its uniqueness to each plaid made at the request of the customer. Single topstitching, row of 4 topstitching or even ladder stitch, everyone will find the detail that will highlight each unique piece.

3 • A fun fact or an anecdote to share about the brand?
Inata is a story born of a sensation: the cold! At more than 3,000 meters above sea level, Clément, founder, remains amazed by the lightness and warmth of the plaids worn by Peruvian women. It is the discovery of a thousand-year-old richness, alpaca fibre, which he highlights today through each of the collections offered by Inata.

4 • A dream place you would love to see your collection in?
Buckingham Palace.

5 • 3 words to describe your products.
Luxurious, natural and responsible.

Discover INATA at our London showroom, George Spencer Designs, Floor 3, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, SW10 0XE, London, UK.